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Petromax Charcoal Maker


Petromax Charcoal Maker
Petromax Charcoal Maker
Petromax Charcoal Maker
Petromax Charcoal Maker
Petromax Charcoal Maker
Product image 1Petromax Charcoal Maker
Product image 2Petromax Charcoal Maker
Product image 3Petromax Charcoal Maker
Product image 4Petromax Charcoal Maker
Product image 5Petromax Charcoal Maker

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With the Petromax Charcoal Maker you yourself become the charcoal burner: The ancient tradition of making charcoal in a charcoal kiln now gets a modern design from Petromax. In the Stainless-steel Charcoal Maker you can make your own charcoal for the campfire kitchen. You don't need a charcoal kiln for this, but the way it works is the same: low-oxygen combustion, also called pyrolysis. Even while cooking a dish in your Dutch Oven, you can place the Charcoal Maker directly in the fire underneath and start producing home-made charcoal!

You can fill the canister with wood you personally chopped, such as fruit wood, birch wood or beech wood from your garden - the best possible use for old trees that are no longer growing! The resulting hardwood charcoal has properties such as a long glowing period, low smoke production, and high temperature combustion. This is why it is ideally suited for use in your Atago, for example. The charcoal gives your food the typical smoky aroma, while you have full control over the source of the wood and the quality of the barbecue charcoal. Not only is this sustainable, but it's also highly flexible: by choosing the wood, you can later determine your very own smoke flavor. For charcoaling, you can use both logs and twigs, thus making the most of your chopped wood.

With the cover, you can seal the canister airtight and you can then observe the charring progress within a few hours as yellow smoke starts to develop and turns white towards the end. You would see exactly the same thing in a real charcoal kiln. You can then remove the Charcoal Maker from the fire and let it cool overnight. The next morning you are left with charcoal with a long burning time. Simply clean the inside of the Charcoal Maker with a mild detergent, water and a cloth.

Your custom-made charcoal completes the outdoor grilling experience: you not only cook vegetable and meat dishes in the Dutch Oven, sizzle steaks in the Wrought-iron Pan, but in addition you have your self-made charcoal, a feat of which you can be rightfully proud! Petromax combines a traditional technique with a pyrolytic canister made of high quality stainless steel, conceived in the think tank of the Dragon Workshop. Thanks to the Charcoal Maker, you yourself become a charcoal burner in the wild.


  • Making charcoal: smoldering charcoal yourself
  • Using wood you personally chopped with a smoked aroma
  • High-quality charcoal with a personalized touch: long burning time, suitable for generating high temperatures
  • Charcoal for outdoor kitchen: 10 liters capacity for logs and branches
  • Low smoke emission: usable in campfire and on Griddle and Fire Bowls

Technical details:

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 23 x 40.2 x 19.8 cm
Dimensions with packaging (approx.) (H x W x D): 28 x 50.5 x 26.5 cm
Weight (approx.): 4.9 kg
Capacity (max.): 10 l
Weight with packaging (approx.): 6.5 kg

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